Island Spice New Years Eve 2019


David Asbery

DMV-based Rapper and Graphic Designer Don Legacy, originally from the Bronx, New York, is a true disciple of the culture, consistently paying homage through his lyricism, cinematic production style, and his use of substance and satire. In one way -- or another -- Don has always been an artist. Initially, he began as a sculptor, which then led to his study of architecture as a discipline. Throughout his life, he would write in his journal to help him cope during tough times such as his parent's divorce. His journaling manifested into his true passion — rap. From there, he got into recording, engineering, production, graphic and web design. His two current releases,  Homecoming EP and All Figured Out have shown increasing development and personal success; his Homecoming EP was accepted by Pandora, and both projects are available on all major streaming services including Tidal.